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Server Solutions


HelpDesk Etc.’s 24/7/365 remote network, systems, application monitoring system watches over your network, letting us know about problems before they affect you. Wouldn’t you rather hear about your email being down from us (after we’ve started fixing it) than from your boss‘ or your customers?


Add to that exclusive access to our after-hours help desk, scheduled preventative maintenance, and monthly analysis and capacity planning meetings, and you’ve got wall-to-wall coverage. Won’t it be nice to know someone’s there for you before data is at risk Do not let server outage keep customers away.


HelpDesk Etc.’s monitoring and alerting services will keep you notifited of any events which may compromise your critical business systems. With application level monitoring and real-time stastics you can log in at any time and view your server's performance and identify any risks to your business processes. By monitoring the performance of every asset in your network, you can discover problems long before they get serious.


The services provided by HelpDesk Etc.’s can be one of the most important additions you can make to your data center's technology. Our Managed plan is designed for fast-growing companies that want to outsource cricital server alerts and fault remediation.


  • On call Solutions Service
  • Remote network monitoring
  • Inventory management
  • Quarterly preventative maintenance
  • Monthly preventative maintenance
  • Monthly Analysis Service


Professional Services


HelpDesk Etc. specializes in end to end technology solutions for companies of any size. The expense of adding a computer specialist to your staff can be too high to be truly beneficial. Outsourced IT services offered by HelpDesk Etc. can minimize your technology management overhead and keep your business on top with services in:


  • Security policies
  • Security incident response
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Product procurement
  • Server deployment, migration & management
  • Outsourced IT & helpdesk


Security Policies


Identify and secure critical weak points in your current business network. Defense against internet threats is increasingly important in todays connected business world. HelpDesk Etc. Professional Services can work with you to develop a strong protection strategy that will help you rest assured that your data is safe. Security Incident Response


It important to know that system breakdowns are being responded to as they occur. HelpDesk Etc. specializes in alerting, monitoring and responding to crucial system events which could possibly cripple your business and cost you opportunities. Our engineers will develop a complete procedure for maintaining a maximum system up-time and will produce an equally strong plan for responding to unfortunate incidents.


Regulatory Compliance


You do not need to struggle with HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance issues any longer. Our professional team can help your organization implement important technology assets which are customized to your business needs and crafted to address regulatory compliance requirements.

Product Procurement


Given the vast array of IT-related products available to choose from, selecting the proper items for the needs of one's own business IT environment can be an especially daunting task. To add to this, the problem with procuring new technology in a timely fashion at low cost poses an even more overwhelming challenge. That is why we are pleased to be able to eliminate such worries of our customers with our expert Product Procurement services by HelpDesk Etc..


Server deployment, migration & management


We provide the tools and knowledge to ease your business into upgraded technological offerings with expert implementation. Minimize the burden of upgrades and new system deployment with professional network and hardware engineers on-site providing the expertise needed to make systems run smoothly. The HelpDesk Etc. team is experienced and skilled in wide array of system integration and deployment scenarios. Your business will benefit from the increased performance and reliability of a professionally integrated network.


Outsourced IT & helpdesk


Our team can respond to your day-to-day business support needs in hardware and software with Outsourced IT & helpdesk services by HelpDesk Etc.. Hiring an in-house computer specialist to deal with common IT related situations can cost small to mid sized business too much. Let us take care of your needs with our expert staff, providing the best in desktop application support, hardware setup and troubleshooting, messaging and other web services, and network operations. Data Solutions


HelpDesk Etc. provides disk-based online backup and recovery solutions that can be fully automated to protect your valuable business data. Small, mid and enterprise level businesses can benefit from the solid protection granted by HelpDesk Etc.'s continuous backup, offsite storage, archiving, and complete data recovery capabilities.


  • Protect Your Business Against Data Loss
  • Next Generation Off-Site Data Backup and Recovery
  • How It Works
  • Encrtyped For Further Protection


Protect Your Business Against Data Loss


What would happen if you lost your data? Can your business afford the lost time and missed opportunities caused by the loss of computer data? Information such as customer records, email, financial data, and other important documents are more vulnerable to data loss than you may expect. Today’s information rich business world carries many threats and disaster risks. Only a sound data protection solution like HelpDesk Etc.'s will guarantee that your data will remain safe.


HelpDesk Etc. will protect your valuable computer files and archives from risks caused by:


  • Natural Diasters– There is no doubt that you would insure your physical business assets against unexpected natural diasters, but what about insurance for your business data? Your information is at just as much risk for damage and loss from fire, storms, floods, and other diasterous events.
  • Theft – Protecting your precious data with offsite backup assures that your information will still be available to you in the event of the criminal removal of hardware from your office.
  • Hardware Failure – Even today’s sophisticated equipment is prone to breakdown and you must make sure that your valuable business information can be accessed in order to continue business operations with little or no lost time.
  • Human Error – Mistakes happen and they can sometimes lead to unfortunate loss of precious business files which could cripple a business. Protect your resources against unexpected errors with HelpDesk Etc..
  • Spyware, malware, worms, viruses – The information age has brought us increased connectivity and with it the increased threat of dangerous computer viruses. You cannot afford to let your data fall victim to these types of attacks Next Generation Off-site Data Backup and Recovery


HelpDesk Etc. will eliminate your risk and keep your business moving with reliable and continuous disk-based backup and recovery. You can also benefit from the ease and peace of mind offered by HelpDesk Etc.’s powerful management system.


You can expect 100% file safety with HelpDesk Etc. disk-based backup, which means that the data backup solution is tape-free, reducing the risks and burden of tape and providing an unprecedented level of reliability.


Free yourself of the hassles of tape-based backup systems and provide your business the protection it needs from data disasters.  Automatic backups of your remote office data have never been easier. Manage, schedule and control your data backups based on your specific business needs with absolute control over every aspect of your protection policy.


Be sure that your critical data is always available. Insure your business data with HelpDesk Etc.. The return on your investment will be far exceeded and you can operate your business with absolute peace of mine.

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