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If you are a small start-up or an established company,HelpDesk Etc. recognizes that each business is unique, which is why we don’t offer pre-packaged maintenance. Rather, we tailor scalable solutions based solely on the needs of your business.


Our team of experts provides complete network consulting and support services. At HelpDesk Etc., you will find assistance for one-time network project management, support to complement your IT staff as well as part-time or full-time network outsourcing solutions.


IT Support: HelpDesk Etc. has the ability to be your sole support or supplement your existing IT staff with temporary or permanent assistance including emergency coverage for your local and remote offices.


Network Services: Network monitoring is a low cost service that proactively monitors and maintains your network aimed at preventing potential IT problems before they occur.


Network Outsourcing: If you’re considering reducing costs associated with maintaining a permanent IT staff, Technology Solutions provides cost-effective network outsourcing solutions. We can assist you with your local or remote office connectivity, Compliance needs, Disaster Recovery plans, Information Management and Security installations.


Project Management: Look to Technology Solutions for expert Management of your next technical project. Services can include planning, management and/or implementation of your next project.


 Whether you are in need of a consolidation, departmental or company wide solution, you can rest assured with our services.


HelpDesk Etc.…provides you with the peace of mind, the security and the freedom you need to be able to concentrate on your business rather than on your technology infrastructure.


There is an ever-increasing pressure on businesses to be able to manage growth and maintain overhead. A new concern is the ability to better meet the challenges of the new economy. This must be accomplished quickly, efficiently and as cost effective as possible. HelpDesk Etc. has diverse industry experience and a wealth of knowledge to Support, Service, Administer and Manage your technology environment and impending project. By utilizing our services, your business will see:


• Increased operational efficiency

• Provided performance visibility

• Efficient utilization of IT resources

• Better enabled forecasting and predictive analysis

• Reduced and controlled operating costs

• Cost-effective access to enterprise-level support

• Enabled automatic restart of critical services

• Minimized downtime

• More time to focus on your business instead of your technology infrastructure

• Peace of mind


HelpDesk Etc. LLC specializes in streamlining business strategies in technology for small and mid sized organizations.


Many businesses under utilize the technology resources they currently have or that are available and underestimate the advantages of efficient growth strategies. We assist our clients by applying the latest technologies to achieve short and long term company goals. HelpDesk Etc. focuses on three core areas:


 1. IT Consulting offers onsite or remote assistance. Customizable to the client’s needs and budget; our services include Emergency Response, Managed Services Infrastructure, Network Planning, Upgrades and Consolidation, Disaster recovery planning as well as Security and Project Management services for implementation, expansion or consolidation of your current environment. Whether your need is small, continuous or project based, HelpDesk Etc. offers a scalable solution for complete optimization and investment return by ensuring your businesses continuity.


2. Process Consulting services assist the Client with solutions that maximize your company’s core business practices throughout the organization. Expanding from our initial discovery period, we guide you and your employees towards a more simplified and efficient process flow and sit with you through the implementation phase and re-assessment. Improved performance, delivery, productivity, reduced cost and higher ROI are just a few of the benefits reaped from our Management Consulting strategies.


 3. Web Design is a potent portfolio representing your business and can influence an individual or company’s decision to conduct business with you in a matter of seconds. HelpDesk Etc. listens and transforms your ideas into the powerful sales and marketing tool your business needs to thrive. Whether your needs are few or many, regardless of industry, HelpDesk Etc. has your answer.


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